Stupid india


!!!! Hacked By King Sam !!!!
# Pakistan Zindabad

# Message for Indian Army , If You Sheeps even think to cross the border and attack Pakistan , Come and Try us , We are waiting , We will destroy your lame army 
like we destroyed soviet union . We're Watching You ! .
Your Intelligence RAW and CBI is nothing infront of our loving ISI. ISI is still No.1 Intellingence agency arround the globe !
Why You forget Ghauri , Shaheen , Abdali , Hatf , Babur massiles before barking about Pakistan ! You sheeps think you got atom bomb and you can destroy Pakistan within hours ?
Oh man go and kill yourself If you think to fire atom bomb Keep it in mind your own half country will be destroyed !
But We can Fire it on india having zero damage , more over you sheeps forget your 80% atomic system depend on air crafts ,
your army don't have guts to face new hundreds of MM.Alam who will knock you down in dogfight

and don't forget our 90% atomic system is based on massile delivery system ...
@Team Pak Cyber Experts & @Pak Cyber Military

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